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Therapeutic Center for Cancer patients  and patients with Chronic Diseases

Kibbutz Harduf, Israel.

Tal Hama טל חמה

Tal Hama is an Anthroposophic patient focused on multi disciplinary Center, concerning the individual needs of patients and their families, through the various stages of the dieases.

We respond to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patients
We work to strengthen the healthy forces from within us 
We use art therapies as a main tool for internalizing true transformation

We believe in promoting the active participation of the patients in their process of healing

We serve Israeli patients (Arabs, Jews and Others), as well as patients from abroad who seek a unique setting for healing

Our Therapies:

Rhythmic massage using Herbal Oils
Various therapies through the Arts –   clay modeling, music, speech, eurythmy, art therapy
Biography work and Family counseling
Therapeutic work in a biodynamic farm

Healthy nutrition and cooking

Anthroposophic doctors and  medications available. 

Kibbutz Harduf is situated in the north of Israel in the hills between Haifa and Nazareth.
 The Kibbutz supports such initiatives as Organic restaurants, Organic and biodynamic agriculture, Art therapies.

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